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“Virtuosic, freshly funny, sweet-tempered and inventive.”- “The New York Times”

“This professional, all-male troupe serves up a one-of-a-kind pirouette on classical dance. From Romeo to Juliet, Don Quixote to Pocahontas, gallant fauns to dying swans, these divine “ballerinas” approach some of history’s greatest roles with flamboyant aplomb that’s “guaranteed to goad an audience into hilarity!” - “The Village Voice, New York”

“Les Ballets Eloelle/Grandiva is so much more than dancers en-travesti, flitting and floating on pointe. Rather, it transcends the Male Comedy Ballet art form from mere sight gag to the height of technical precision and dramatic excellence. Acclaimed for its high degree of skill and elegance as well as entertaining spirit” - “Daily Yomiuri, Japan” 

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