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kevin Ortiz
(Sylvie Gruyere )

Kevin Headshot_edited.jpg
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Kevin Ortiz Lemus is originally from Guatemala, he is an actor and dancer by profession. Kevin began his artistic training at the National School of Dramatic Art ¨Carlos Figueroa Juárez¨ in Guatemala City where he graduated with a degree in Dramatic Art. After graduation he was part of the Garabato Company. Kevin studied dance with a full scholarship at the "Antonio Crespo Morales" School and was trained by the renowned International Teacher Lisseth Aguilar Stockli.

Kevin was part of the National Modern and Folkloric Ballet of Guatemala, In the year 2019 Kevin was a guest dancer of the National Ballet of Guatemala ¨Christa Mertins" Currently, Kevin is a full scholarship student at the Peridance Center in New York City, where his mentor is Igal Perry, founder and director of Peridance Center.

This French/American hybrid has a distinct lactic flair. Her legs longer, prettier and always higher than required have become a trademark that her public has come to expect. Miss Gruyere takes offense at the attack by some of her colleagues that she is cheesy and tasteless. She graciously forgives these comments knowing they are rooted in understandable jealousy. Also she would like to forgive all her fellow ballerinas for not being French. 

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