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Wataru Tokue

(Hana Kawaii)

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Born in Japan, Mr. Tokue has performed internationally and trained in Novosibirsk, Russia and in Sapporo, Japan.  He has been a member of Les Ballets Grandiva/ Les Ballets Eloelle for over a decade and has performed most of the female leads in the classic repertoire. 

He also has performed as an invited guest dancer throughout Japan as both a male dancer and a ballerina.  When you hire him, you get two for the price of one.

Born in a meadow below a cherry blossom tree, Hana is a modest, "down to earth" girl who loves nature.  As a young girl her budding interest in movement and hydration would lead her to a starring role at Sea World's underwater review portraying a very believable sea fern.  Her next performance in “The Llittle Mermaid Ballet” was where her talent as a ballerina came into full blossom playing the lead Sea Anemone where her tendril thrusts received flowery reviews. Some of Hana's favorite roles are Spectre de la Rose, Flower Festival, The Rose Adagio, Lilac Garden and Waltz of the flowers.  Her review in Better Homes and Gardens read "the only way to improve on Hana is to have a dozen of her."

We feel Hana is a perennial powerhouse that will continue to exude the sweet smell of success.   

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