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Shaughn Neil Pegoraro

(Natalia Aussiepova)


Shaughn is an Australian dance Artist and producer. Starting dance at a very young age, he studied ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary at the Ann Roberts School of Dance in Townsville, North Queensland. Shaughn was a member of the Extensions Youth Dance Company, performing and touring both nationally and internationally as a young dancer. Shaughn completed his professional contemporary and ballet dance training at the New Zealand School of Dance, graduating with a Diploma and continued his studies at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth, graduating from the LINK postgraduate dance program in 2011. Following his full time training, Shaughn worked professionally with STRUT Dance and FELD Entertainment. Shaughn has spent the last 6 years with the Ulysses Dancers in Townsville, North Queensland, choreographing and performing with the company.

In 2015 he toured to Scotland, where he attended the Aberdeen Youth Arts Festival presenting and performing company repertoire, including his own choreographic works. Shaughn founded the Townsville based Shaughnettes Dancers in 2016, establishing a professional cabaret/showgirl troupe for the North Queensland region. Shaughn has worked for many years as a freelance performer of all styles and as a professional independent dance Artist, collaborating and presenting his own original works. Shaughn is very excited to be joining Ballet Eloelle for their Australian tour of Men in Pink Tights.

Always quick on her feet, she credits her greatest reviews in Sleeping Beauty to being mugged outside the met and losing a pair of pointe shoes and a small hammer she used to shape them right before the show.  She may have got some minor bruises, but she also got a good workout for her left hook, and some incredible footwork sequences which she incorporated into the rose adagio.  The wonder with the thunder down under is known for combining ethereal elevation with reckless ecstasy.  A winner of two Golden Mask awards one for her performance in the Upper Room (2008) and the second for a performance in the basement (nightly), Although she denies being a root rat, Natalia’s all-time great interpretation of the queen of the willies in Giselle...  well, you have to see to believe.   

Aussiepova is a “no worries” type of girl that enjoys having a few coldies with her mates and yours after the show. 

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