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Roberto Forleo

(Tamara Verde)

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Mr. Forleo is a native of Bari, Italy. His credits include being a member of Grupo Corpo, Bejart Ballet Lausanne, Rambert Dance Company and Ballet Bairritz. Roberto won first prize at the Taranto Danza Ballet Competition in 1996 and has performed as a guest with the La Parentheses in Marsaeille, Puglia Danza Festival and most recently with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Mr. Forleo has danced many lead roles and has critical acclaim for his performances including one in the Los Angeles Times for his role in Les Petit Reins.

Currently, Mr. Forleo is the Artistic Director of the Florida Ballet

Tamara has always been interested in moving on to greener pastures. She has danced for many companies and some individuals, but let’s not talk about her climb to the top.  She has the knack for keeping all eyes on her, while she keeps her eyes out for a better opportunity. She has gotten her lovely arched foot in many a door leaving her competition green with envy.

We expect great things from her and hope to entice her into sharing her gifts.

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